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It really does make you feel like a superhero. A multi-million dollar casino is afraid of you. Quite flattering.
Коментарий от: traitor

Surroundrive Show
"Excuses don't build empires" is what your shirt reads. Very true. It's actually slavery, conquest, rape, pillaging, murder, theft and sorrow driven and powered by females.
Коментарий от: Surroundrive Show

joe basil
I’d catch you.
Коментарий от: joe basil

Remi 118
Have you ever been to the Shreveport Louisiana casinos and if so were you backed off ?
Коментарий от: Remi 118

It’s like a fighting game, but the tourney only allows button mashing. Stupid
Коментарий от: SorryBones

Len-Len Carreon
Im a poker player here in phil. I wish i can try that strategy here in phil hahahha
Коментарий от: Len-Len Carreon

Jason Wong
Casino is like a scammer. Only they can scam people but not allow other people to beat them. What happen if some people losing all they money in their casino? Will them give them back their money and said "Hey don't come back here again and this is all your money that you lose in our casino plus interest and don't gamble again?"
Коментарий от: Jason Wong

Dan Stafford
A smart card counter would following itinerary to limit his time at the table and Casino... or you'll be come too recognizable to the eye in the sky... you want to avoid being back off by the casino!
Коментарий от: Dan Stafford

Dan Stafford
To be a card counter you have to blend in and look like the other players... if you're the biggest player and always bouncing your your bets... that would raise a red flag and get the heat from The Pit Boss!
Коментарий от: Dan Stafford

Don Corleone
As an ex casino high stakes single deck dealer the casino would direct the card counters to my table and you were guaranteed to lose. I would even help count along with you no matter what system you used. My nickname was Terminator
Коментарий от: Don Corleone

peter wright
Casinos aren't that smart, they don't know the difference between a good or bad card counter? Really?
Коментарий от: peter wright

peter wright
Motivational t-shirt? Load of wank.
Коментарий от: peter wright

Bretton Morrison
Too NOT get backed off theres only 3 ways in my country.
1) register (mandatory now in most of our new casino's)
as a military man or of importance, for eg. Major, Dr Sir, kernel.
2) lose +- as much as you win in the casino (but not with your blackjack moola) and enjoy the free perks.
3) Greet people and try to remember everyone's names including the pit bosses. Friendliness goes a long way.
Don't break anything in your room or spill wine on the carpets.
'Please post a video of disguises' I want to see how you americans fare in comparison to myself and the counters I know here in my country.

Коментарий от: Bretton Morrison

You have to find the casino that uses only one deck of cards and does not just recycle the used cards back into the shuffle machine.
Коментарий от: JAY LOVE

Wais Jan
They ask you [Muhammad] concerning wine and gambling. Say: ‘In them is great sin, and some profit, for men; but the sin is greater than the profit.’… Thus does Allah Make clear to you His Signs, in order that you may consider” (Quran 2:219).
“O you who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, dedication of stones, and divination by arrows, are an abomination of Satan's handwork. Eschew such abomination, that you may prosper” (Quran 5:90).

Коментарий от: Wais Jan

Kyle Lurz
I’m honestly surprised that your still alive... casinos don’t like losing money especially to cheaters
Коментарий от: Kyle Lurz

Me: makes 6000$
Casino: sir leave...

Grandma: wins 100k$ at penny machine
Casino: congrats!!!!! WOO!!

Коментарий от: RedNasty7

Kenneth Akin
Casinos are corrupt corporations that rely on people’s stupidity to get rich, that’s why they don’t want card counters the same with religion they don’t like smart people because they also rely on people’s ignorance to make money.
Коментарий от: Kenneth Akin

Should be allowed to sue the casino for this
Коментарий от: chachee15

john doe
So it’s ok for casinos to program its computers in the machines so you don’t win. But if you win you have to leave
Коментарий от: john doe

Tier 4: Go see Nunzio in the backroom with his ball-peen hammer and power tools.
Коментарий от: Bigwave2003

Samuel Bolden
The house always wins
Коментарий от: Samuel Bolden

David Howard
I trade stocks. No back offs. Good profits. Technical analyst.
Коментарий от: David Howard

David Howard
I left card counting because of the negative casino atmosphere. I played alone, not on a team. No teams back then.
Коментарий от: David Howard

David Howard
Once playing at a Reno casino in the old days of one deck. I noticed the dealer I was playing was dealing seconds. A woman. But I noticed she was not real good at it. I was winning anyway. Several decks later she tried to deal me a second, which of course, sabotages the count and strategy, and she threw half the deck across the table and some of it landed on the floor. I told her to do more practice on her "dead man's thumb" and got up. I was ahead in $. In another Reno casino one night I was winning on a $5 table. Well ahead. Was getting an audience. But the audience would not sit at the table. It was one-on-one, single deck. A new dealer came in with a deck in her hand. Warning alarm went off. High-low stacked deck. I took her on. Played some to see how many hands she had stacked. Flat bets. Some lost hands. Then went heavy on the high plus count to the bottom of the deck. Big wins. I got up. Walked to the door. Stopped, looked back, she and the pit boss were staring at me. They did not ban me. No back off. I had beaten her at her own game. Back in the day casinos used dealing seconds, hi-low stacked decks and some other forms of cheating to cool off suspected counters. Even marked cards, so as to know when to deal the second for a win. I saw it all. It was pure cut throat, a war zone.
Коментарий от: David Howard

David Howard
Once playing at a Lake Tahoe casino the young woman dealer told me I was counting. She reached under the table, looked like she pushed a panic button. A pit boss came over and watched us play two decks. It was one deck game. I made a few deliberate bad plays. She announced I needed to work on my ratios. She said she played in Vegas six months a year as a counter. The pit boss left. I resumed correct play, bet some tips for her, won. She dealt to the bottom of the deck. I got ahead of the money and halted play.
Коментарий от: David Howard

Rodolfo Perez
where do i get that shirt. i love that shirt.
Коментарий от: Rodolfo Perez

The odds are against you to start with. Your just shortening them.
Коментарий от: WICKEDLEE LOOPY

Mike Rutherford
It's not gambling if you don't just use luck, instinct, and balls... Wouldn't count em. Even if I knew how..!!
Коментарий от: Mike Rutherford

It bewilders me how anyone can imagine it would be illegal or immoral. It's like telling a chess player that he must decide his next move by throwing a pair of dice and that he's not allowed to plan his next move, or that he's not allowed to know what his opponent's move was in the previous move. It also amazes me how consistently bad casinos are at figuring me out. I'd have me figured out on day 1. Like, if I was in the security booth and someone like me played, the first time the count gets high and he raises his bet, I'd be mostly sure from that, but I would be even more certain if they did it a 2nd time. And yet I don't even know how many times I've been at the same casino and bet more than the minimum only when the count is high, and only taken insurance when the count is high, and yet it takes an astonishingly long amount of time for them to get a clue. I'd have anyone else figured out pretty quickly too if they were doing it at the table with me since they'd be betting bigger whenever I am, and it surprises me that they never do, consistently when they vary their bets, it is not in response to the count at all. That must be why blackjack is still a thing. If people weren't consistently complete morons, it as a casino game would have been gone from casinos by the end of 1961.
Коментарий от: medexamtoolsdotcom

Pheej L
What does “book your action” means?
Коментарий от: Pheej L

Chris Russell
I dont know how I got here......
Коментарий от: Chris Russell

Justin Jones
Why wouldn't a person try to card count? That should be everyone's goal
Коментарий от: Justin Jones

Manny Garcia
You forgot to mention “Casino” the movie.
Коментарий от: Manny Garcia

Rhymes With Carbon
My dad was backed off years & years ago playing $2 blackjack turning $100 into $1000 over many hours. First they tried better drinks. Then they planted a super hot chick at his table. Then they brought out a 6 deck shoe.... and finally they closed the table 😊
Коментарий от: Rhymes With Carbon

db cooper
This is why I play poker!!
Коментарий от: db cooper

Derek Moore
Just got my 1st back off Colin! It took 300 hours at the same casino, 45 trips, and $3000 but they got me. I am validated yet devastated because I loved that casino and there aren’t many good ones near Kentucky. I learned mostly all of what I know from you, your app, and gambling with an Edge. I would love a video going into depth about how to try and prevent back offs, and how someone with around a $5000 bank roll could afford to Travel to US without too much cost things like hotel rooms. I would love a response and I would love to know your email address so I can message you there, thanks Collin!
Коментарий от: Derek Moore

Ito Akihiro
Hello I've question have you played black jack at Marina Bay sands? If you played how was the winnings rate over there ?
Коментарий от: Ito Akihiro

Bruno Fotis
I just don't get mate how do they have the right to ask you to stop playing if what your doing is perfectly legal?
How can they ask you to stop because your too good ??
I don't go to the Casino I'm a successful person that's work hard for my money I don't need to make Crown casino money by losing everything I have but to be asked to stop playing is seriously disgraceful..

Коментарий от: Bruno Fotis

Inside An E Girl
Коментарий от: Inside An E Girl

Rick Nash
Casinos should be run by gov
Коментарий от: Rick Nash

Rick Nash
If this guy was really good at this he wouldn't make YouTube videos
Коментарий от: Rick Nash

frank white
Casinos discriminating against higher IQ people.
Коментарий от: frank white

What is "book your action"?
Коментарий от: GranTube

Matthew Cooper
You basically just red pilled everyone about casinos. They are gangsters
Коментарий от: Matthew Cooper

Shack Nasty Jim P
I have been backed off 20 times...comes with the business
Коментарий от: Shack Nasty Jim P

Alperen 0485
0:45 that depends on the country, here in Holland the casino can't
Коментарий от: Alperen 0485

Andrew Eric
600,000 over 15 years? My interest in this just vanished.
Коментарий от: Andrew Eric

What happens when you run out of casinos you can play at?
Коментарий от: Enzo954

Di Zi
After all your knowledge about gambling you decide to make money on you tube.Dont believe you about it
Коментарий от: Di Zi

i Brit
does all this work on online casinos? just asking...
Коментарий от: i Brit

Pipito Paerata
The reality is...they can do what ever they want..
Коментарий от: Pipito Paerata

So what do you do now? Since I’m pretty sure every casino In Vegas knows you now?
Коментарий от: gaguil13

Ryan Cavanaugh
...they can count your money though..
Коментарий от: Ryan Cavanaugh

but they dont always let you cash out?
Коментарий от: Hexadecimal

tier 2 -casino le grand -skopje
Коментарий от: SOLINAKIAS

Green Lantern
What if counting cards is apart of your religion?¿?
Коментарий от: Green Lantern

Tech Help Portal
In Atlantic city nj its ilegal for casinoto expell advantage players
Коментарий от: Tech Help Portal

joe fran
Had the dice taken away from me, dice control works.
Коментарий от: joe fran

Jonny Danger
Bs. This guy is a weasel that would be blackballed from EVERY casino in Vegas. They don’t f*ck around with this scheme.
Коментарий от: Jonny Danger

What about if there is multiple decks? Does Card counting still work?
Коментарий от: Kaeble

Love how the number of views on this equals 21 ^.^
Коментарий от: chronitized

John Benson
Question, would it be wise to use blackjack games online to practice and sharpen your skills?
Коментарий от: John Benson

obviously they are allowed to discriminate on the basis of intelligence!
Коментарий от: ar47yrr4p

Wes K
What if you offer them to pay their electric bill?
Коментарий от: Wes K

Johnny_ bravo368
imagine you get backoff at the diamond resort and you get to chose what to say, ahhhh rockstar, idea alert🤡
Коментарий от: Johnny_ bravo368

Zaxxon Nikos
Race: Cardcountingsian
Color: Cardcountingish
Religion: Cardcountingism
Sex: Cardcountigsexual
National Origin: Cardcountingland

Fight for your civil rights Cardcountingsians! We can make this world a better place!

Коментарий от: Zaxxon Nikos

Casinos are built off the backs of Losers
Коментарий от: SHADOW BANNED

I'm just saying
I only play the vending machine, I'm still under. That bag of doritos on b7 always get stuck.
Коментарий от: I'm just saying

Here is the link of the video: youtu.be/6HjwzJyCQlQ
Коментарий от: 旅游指南北美

B Sherman
I heard "I don't want to book your action sir" lots of times
Коментарий от: B Sherman

de Jay
U need show up as a black homosexual Islamist dude on crutches and see if they have balls stop u
Коментарий от: de Jay

Ed Findlay
Wheres the part where the security says please leave? You clickbait cheat.
Коментарий от: Ed Findlay

Jim Bob
Trust me, they're not intimidated by you.
Коментарий от: Jim Bob

Teacher: what you want to be when you grow up?

Someone's son: card counter! I want to be like a hero, and kill casinos

Коментарий от: EmotiicDevil

James R
My first time counting cards was this week in Vegas was at the El Cortez.... Within 30 minutes I was backed off by the pitboss. I was only up about $400 and was doing $5-50 spreads, nothing too crazy. Told me I could play any game in the casino I wanted but no more blackjack. I guess I was doing it at least sort of right ;-D Double deck though, so it wasn't extremely hard.
Коментарий от: James R

erneschan caracut
Casino's want flat betters because flat betters are losers
Коментарий от: erneschan caracut

Bino White
Ok I’m technically ocd diagnosed by a doctor part of my illness is I count things say I can’t play because of my disability I dare you
Коментарий от: Bino White

T Ritchie
The fact that I'm not gifted with math or the kind of mind it would take to card count, tells me I need to stay out of casino's. Well that and the fact that I'm not really into gambling.
Коментарий от: T Ritchie

elijah pink
Am I go mad ? Didn’t you just repeat the same points at least twice ?
Коментарий от: elijah pink

why is this in my recommended list I live in saudi arabia theres no gambling here wtf
Коментарий от: MrAircraft999

Shawn Smith
All you have to do is be a fag or black, then scream DISCRIMINATION😮
Коментарий от: Shawn Smith

DAX Miner
What happens when you run out of casinos?
Коментарий от: DAX Miner

So if I want to learn to better card count, what are some tips to learn?
Коментарий от: hobsdigree2

Mark Berenger
You can sit on this video and pretend like card counting is a prolific business for smart people all over but dude the truth is your "team" is your pyramid and you're just running a scheme. You only won 600,000 because card counting isn't something you can do for very long. You need new recruits because you take a cut of their winnings for showing them how to do it. Then when they get black listed, you move on to the next sucker. So you're right, you're exactly like a casino in that you exploit people to make money. You can church it up any way you want but it's a glowing neon sign hanging over your head lol.
You dont really believe there's any real "fear" on a casino's part do you? The owners are the only ones who would have to be 'afraid' but all they have to do is kick you out. I dont see how anyone is afraid of you lol.
They aren't trying to intimidate you, you have zero ground to stand on. Neither is right or wrong, they have a right to kick you out of their place for attempting to take them down. You have a right to 'use your brain' (how hard is it to count to 2?) but you're not the good guy either lol. Once again dude, no one is afraid of you lol. I can see how it would help your ego for getting caught and kicked out though :)

Коментарий от: Mark Berenger

Sacred Sun
You are allowed to win if you lose later. If you keep winning even with skill, its cheating. How dare you use skill or even have good luck!
Коментарий от: Sacred Sun

Don't get worried when they, (the idiot employees) back you up, it happens. Is all good, its all great!! Just tell em to count up all your damn $$ while they fetch u a drink in the meantime, and on your way yous go! They've gotten me hundreds of times, even set a new world record of 142 consecutive days doing this!

Just good clean fun for everyone!

Коментарий от: brandonsantoro47

Tom Volpe
If you didn't make your spread so many units and SO OBVIOUS, you would have not have been noticed... Been counting since 1981... Happy Counting.
Коментарий от: Tom Volpe

jon gimbo
Escalate the situation and have them give you a lawsuit hahaha
Коментарий от: jon gimbo

What makes someone a good card counter? There are a few methods but non of them makes you 100% win.
Коментарий от: Lycargus

Sammy Ellio
Don’t bet with offshore sites.
Email my guys

Good lines and they work on credit system!!! Only good reliable players please!!!

Коментарий от: Sammy Ellio

Are there any casinos you can still play in?? (he he)
Коментарий от: sleepytickle

Do you have to have a 'photographic' memory to be able to do this?
Коментарий от: sleepytickle

Could you come back after say, six months? How could they remember you?
Коментарий от: everybodylovesdevin

Mr. J
So casino welcome dumb people. Got it! I’m staying home!
Коментарий от: Mr. J

Gabe Chavo
Back offs are a game, get you before you get the house. I find it fun
Коментарий от: Gabe Chavo

So if you're on a winning streak, they'll just kick you out? Wow.
Коментарий от: Anonymous

Webetripin 4725
I found a way to delay a backoff, if you don't dress like a total nerd and if you don't play greedy. Like if you play 5/200 you get backed off instantly but if you play like 50/100 you will like never get backed off
Коментарий от: Webetripin 4725

441dislikes from all Casino owners
Коментарий от: azianknight

Pablo 1
I would say some of you guys are here because of gta
Коментарий от: Pablo 1