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Коментарии Heads up Poker alle rein

Nora Gonzalez
Nice video, be sure to read honest and real reviews for Casino Cruise on my blog before you join. Go to thegamblingreviews. com/casino-cruise-review/ (remove space before com). Thanks, Darius.
Коментарий от: Nora Gonzalez

wicked mainah
I lost on the allure but at one point I was up a couple hundred
Коментарий от: wicked mainah

John T
Just got back from Independence. Worst casino I've ever been to. Noone winning anything. Played all week. Very tight machines. Avoid cruise ship casinos at all cost. Hoped they get better at end of week I was wrong. No jackpots or bonus coming out. I played low and max bets nothing helped. Avoid them!
Коментарий от: John T

Wife and I are going on Royal next year and I'm a smoker, friends told me u could smoke in the casino is this true?
Коментарий от: VH

shrtct C
You made the statement about printing the ticket. Do they you pay you in cash up to a certain amount or ? I am going on the NCL this year. I was warned about on how the slots can be loose for the first few nights and tight to the end of the cruise. Can you please explain why you stated about printing the ticket. Ty in as advance!
Коментарий от: shrtct C

Gabriele Herndon
I heard you say that is is best to cash out after a big win and then put cash back in.
In this case, when you play, do you insert your room/cruise card into the machine or not?
Please explain as I want to apply your strategies to my upcoming Costa cruise. :)

Коментарий от: Gabriele Herndon

SunFlower Slots
Nice bonus win my friend. Thanks for sharing.
Коментарий от: SunFlower Slots

Nice ! The games variety is abundant!! I'm glad that you enjoyed great trip ! I'm look forward to next episode!!
Коментарий от: KURI Slot

Will be going on the Allure of Seas in October 21 2018. Can't wait hope lady luck is in my side.
Коментарий от: ramirez4898

Big Bouncer
I'm sailing on Allure of the Seas in another four months and I'm excited about playing in the casino. I hope to have better luck though.
Коментарий от: Big Bouncer

I like your easy going attitude...the bonus games were horrible...better luck next time.
Коментарий от: julesjules

Louise Lawson
This is my experience on cruises. RCL very very tight. Anthem and Quantum you couldn’t even get any play. Although Oasis of the Seas had a great selection of slots and we had some nice action - although no big wins. Now NCL - Gem and Breakaway had much more luck and slots seemed much looser. When we gamble on a cruise we just want to be able to play lots of hours and not lose a bundle. Breakaway had a nice selection of slots including Tall Fortunes.
Коментарий от: Louise Lawson

Hi we go on Norwegian twice a year because they give such good perks. We only pay taxes and gratuities for balcony room. Does royal Caribbean give good perks if you gamble a lot? Would love to try a different cruise line but can’t turn down the perks of Norwegian.. Could you please let me know what Royal Caribbean offers you?
Коментарий от: Melonie

Dancing Drums was great, OMG the worlds worse paying slot was that horrible squirrel...atrocious !!!! Looking forward to more days, TYFS
Коментарий от: AngelaTwinSlots

Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos
I love that ship, and I was able to sneak a few videos in their casino but when I was on it a few years ago they didn't allow the videos. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to the other parts of your gambling on the Allure.
Коментарий от: Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos

Mantis Libra
Wow, the free game payout is horrible 😰
Коментарий от: Mantis Libra

Zach Moeller
Such a positive attitude. Lol. Tough onboard.
Коментарий от: Zach Moeller

Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl
Curious, did you have to get permission to record? Last cruise they told me I couldn't...we are about to go on another in July and I'm thinking maybe I should ask beforehand. I had pretty good luck on my last one compared to playing at my local on any given day!
Коментарий от: Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl

roberta mcdonell
Nice video and yes ships pay better than any casino in vegas...I have been on all of them and the wins paid for the cruise and then some...Good luck, have fun and WINNNNN!!!!LOL
Коментарий от: roberta mcdonell

Nicholas Smith
Did you notice how much the minimum was for baccarat
Коментарий от: Nicholas Smith

ElvisCorvette Slots
Sea sick? I have never been on a cruise and i'm always afraid of getting sea sick. Good luck my friend.
Коментарий от: ElvisCorvette Slots

Margie O
Thanks for sharing! I have heard that cruise slots are tight, but your DDrums play seemed pretty fruitful.
Коментарий от: Margie O

Casinos on the cruises seem very tight. I pretty sure no regulations as far as percentages that are set (95% etc) on the games. They are not US ships, like casinos here in California or Nevada. But nice to watch you guys play!
Коментарий от: wlwal1

Steve Cohen
on granduer of the seas I was hitting pretty big on quick hits, and Rio, I hit 430 on the bonus in Everii's blackout slot
Коментарий от: Steve Cohen

Lady Di Slots
Thanks for sharing!! Ships casino don't pay very well. Nice they let you record!!
Коментарий от: Lady Di Slots

jerrimey t
boring boo 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Коментарий от: jerrimey t