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Make that video about challenges. You piqued my interest!

Hehe I remember when you used to leave bloopers at the end.

They grow up so fast 😢

Коментарий от: TheMexeking

Brian S
Your Facebook group link doesnt work. Can I get the correct link?
Коментарий от: Brian S

Nikhil Gorintla
Can we rematch Wyndham Diamond after 90 days (initial ) or How to rematch status again and again ??
Коментарий от: Nikhil Gorintla

Ig or Twitter
Коментарий от: imhungry208

whats the best hashtags to follow on credit card points and rewards ,i know the coupon community has like almost 200 hashtags
Коментарий от: imhungry208

Alejandro Hinojosa
Damn... this is a thing?! HELP! I have Hilton Diamond (because the Aspire Card) Where should I start?
Коментарий от: Alejandro Hinojosa

Lakewood MTB kennedy
keep em coming brochacho love the content. just got the sapphire reserve 4/18 and they waived the 95 dollar fee fyi yeee
Коментарий от: Lakewood MTB kennedy

Brandon Teraishi
This is dope. You rarely hear about status matching. Would love more videos 💪🏻
Коментарий от: Brandon Teraishi

Hussain Kachwalla
But how do you actually do it? I have the Platinum card
Коментарий от: Hussain Kachwalla

Steve Shi
Okay I love your channel but this video has some wrong information. Wyndham Diamond does not match to MGM Gold. The only thing that can match to MGM Gold online is Hyatt Explorist, which cannot be obtained from credit cards. In addition, Caesars Diamond can also match to MGM Gold, but it must be done in person in either Atlantic City New Jersey or Springfield Massachusetts - it does not work in Las Vegas or online. Also, status match does not work for any airlines if the status comes from a credit card.
Коментарий от: Steve Shi

How do you get the TSA check or entry to Airport lounges?
Коментарий от: Winteel

KEEP THE VIDEOS COMING. New to the Credit Card Community. Just got the Savor this minth. Hard Inquiry dropped 753 to 741. Should I apply for Discover this month or wait until September or October?
Коментарий от: Winteel

Joseph Elkhoury
Please keep posting
Коментарий от: Joseph Elkhoury

Jackie Liu
Is there any way to match to an airline status by MGM Gold/Hilton Diamond/Caesars Diamond/ Wyndham Diamond/Hyatt Explorist? Thanks I really want a airline status. Also does any of my status can match to IHG?
Коментарий от: Jackie Liu

Shaun Recommends
Crazy timing - I just status matched for the first time yesterday!
Коментарий от: Shaun Recommends

My mom status matched with her Amex platinum at a car rental place and rented a Porsche for the same amount that a Toyota would be , the Porsche was unnecessary for our rode trip but it was awesome ridding in such an expensive car for a few days .
Коментарий от: I PARRY U

zackychan financial
my bro bringing consistently high content videos:)
Коментарий от: zackychan financial

Noto Sure
Great video, more like this!
Also, look up some of the cool status matching for cruises

Коментарий от: Noto Sure

Коментарий от: BLKHAMTV

Thy Education Is Strong, Great Teacher You Are My Friend...😁🌴😎
Коментарий от: Tazangamoz

Nick Armstrong
Great video bro!
Коментарий от: Nick Armstrong

great information 👍
Коментарий от: D JEANS FAMILY

What’s Up thx for the info !
Коментарий от: Qves

D Camacho
Quality info right here 👌
Коментарий от: D Camacho

Randy Lew
Коментарий от: Randy Lew

I haven't heard of this one before. It's great to see more details on how we can use credit cards in the more unconventional ways!
Коментарий от: Dzee315

Oscar Agudelo
Most underrated YouTube 😤😤😤
Коментарий от: Oscar Agudelo

Mike Beck
Wow... I need more videos about this
Коментарий от: Mike Beck

Phillip Velez
Free👌 Free👌 Free👌 your speaking my language 🤙 thanks for the update!
Коментарий от: Phillip Velez

brian dropped a nuclear on me... video coming out on the B Jung channel once he hits 10K. SUB TO THIS BEAUTIFUL MAN
Коментарий от: TheKoreanSavage