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Коментарии Rent rv montgomery alabama casinos

Arturs Ratnieks
Guys have you noticed? It looks like he thinks he is funny... that’s adorable :-D
Коментарий от: Arturs Ratnieks

Юсик Y.M.Y
Сказочный далбаеб.
Коментарий от: Юсик Y.M.Y

Why all streamers are suddenly playing so many microgaming slots? Good streamer offer or something ?
Коментарий от: Sensaatio

Paul Cater
Really enjoyed your bonus hunt mate... but shut luck with the payouts buddy. Can you please try some £30 max bets on game of thrones for me
Коментарий от: Paul Cater

Nick Malvern
Must admit you came across very annoying in that video.
Коментарий от: Nick Malvern

Comeback Impossible
This guy is such a clown
Коментарий от: Comeback Impossible

tony m
Коментарий от: tony m

Sgt C
Have to say Jartu, when I see your other big win videos this big loss makes up for it. Instead of doing bonus hunts on this site you should have taken 9980 euros put it in a pit with some petrol, lit it on fire and video’d it you’d have gotten more enjoyment
Коментарий от: Sgt C

p0pal0 nestyk!
I really enjoy watching your videos not only because of that it is nice to see those huge amounts of cash landing in players pockets but first of all because of your really positive attitude and all those good vibrations you are undoubtedly fullfilled. Greetings from POLAND dear friend!
Коментарий от: p0pal0 nestyk!

João Fróis
Hi man, in first place congrats for the channel i really have a great time watching your videos
Second can you you explain how do you get the bonuses

Коментарий от: João Fróis

Nath John
Quickspin has gone to complete shit...not that they have ever been great or anything, but occasionally their bonuses used to pay something.
Коментарий от: Nath John

Matratzen Amazone
How much did it cost him, what was his balance before the bonushunt?
Коментарий от: Matratzen Amazone

Tapio Aaltonen
I'll Take it! Helloo YouTube!
Коментарий от: Tapio Aaltonen

Casino Bonus Victoria
Nice, great win as usual!
I also play play slots, mostly the new just released. Everyone can win in a moment, just need to try. Any way, good luck next time, and don't spend everything on champagne! )))

Коментарий от: Casino Bonus Victoria

Hi good luck the big win today pal
Коментарий от: Majki87