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Коментарии Spielen Sie kostenlose Pokermaschinen

Paul Farmer
Not the best speakers but some valuable info here.
Коментарий от: Paul Farmer

Jeff Lamb
I dont think the real High Rollers bother with a players card.
Коментарий от: Jeff Lamb

Are there casinos that won’t give you anything regardless of how much you bet?
Коментарий от: Jeremy

Xueyi Chen
Is it much easier for them to track your profit, pinned with your name and ID? Eventually they can id you as such player that they do not want to deal with.
Коментарий от: Xueyi Chen

pef ler
How fraudsters work
Коментарий от: pef ler

On the craps table, how do they track what numbers or what part of the table you are betting? Just curious. I never see anyone writing anything down when I or anyone else is playing.
Коментарий от: Oakwood

do you recommend for players with a small bankroll to play in smaller casinos maybe in Downtown?
Коментарий от: Tecnovlog

Dana Downing
PLAY FOR THE MONEY. DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO PLAYING FOR COMPS. My favorite comp story: an ignorant craps player who played $100 flat bet with MAX ODDS. After losing $10,000 he wanted to know how many points he got. Since his flat bet was the only part of his bet rated, only a fraction of the $10,000 for rated. He went ballistic over the few points he got. I wanted to say, "What about the $10,000 you just lost?"
Коментарий от: Dana Downing

this video really freaked me out. i have received comps from mgm twice now...
Коментарий от: Danny

Charles Hamilton
Yes, I am the guy at the table whom the casino (accurately) judges, “He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing!”
Коментарий от: Charles Hamilton

bigjimmy 299
Take me back to the day where no cards needed for comps
Коментарий от: bigjimmy 299

ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
I'm disappointed about the changes in Boyd's comp system and the TIER system.
I'm a Ruby and i always will be.
THIS is excellent tutorial on the comp system,guys!

Коментарий от: ddd228/Dave in Seattle.

Kerry Comstock
Thanks for another informative video.... all of your help is greatly appreciated. :o)
Коментарий от: Kerry Comstock

Hey guys, one of the casinos near me is an anomaly. I go there and play either blackjack, craps, or three card poker, or all three, but I do get mailers for a $10 coupon that I can actually cash at the cashier's cage. I get one of those each month usually.
Коментарий от: jdoggg1119

Mondo LeStraka
Especially if they like you the PB might increase your minimum bet. I've had mine raised 5 - maybe 10 times the amount on card. So be nice to the PC and especially the dealer. A little OT but try to tip someone something. That loss of EV will lengthen your stay.
Коментарий от: Mondo LeStraka

Rodney Zurek
If you get comped, you need help or a new hobby. Bigger the comp. Bigger the fish!
Коментарий от: Rodney Zurek

Scott Hutchinson
Interesting video. However, the sound on the two mics was rather uneven. Other than that, keep up the good info.
Коментарий от: Scott Hutchinson

Kelly Clover
There are many Dueces Wild machines which have the following pay schedule: 1-2-2-3-4-13-16-200-800. This is almost the same as what you have at El Cortez casino except they have machines that pay 1-2-2-3-4-13-16-400-940 with higher amounts for the top two prizes. I can't find a figure for the payout on these machines which don't have the increased amounts for the top 2 prizes. What is the correct figure?
Коментарий от: Kelly Clover

None of yo'biz!
I always spend at least over an hour playing on the $5 dollar blackjack table everytime I go to the casino. Is it really possible to ask the pitboss for a comp on the spot? I really didn't know that.
Коментарий от: None of yo'biz!

Kissy Cleopatra
Wow! I can’t believe that casino let you film right there on the floor!
Коментарий от: Kissy Cleopatra

Joe McElyea
Video Keno video please.
Коментарий от: Joe McElyea

dick liddle
Steve and matt boring. . . lol
Коментарий от: dick liddle

Sara Herrera
I had absolutely no idea that some casinos rate you based on your blackjack skill level. Wow! Thanks for the info.
Коментарий от: Sara Herrera

I can’t wait until your next video I love this channel it’s so informative
Коментарий от: angelsfan15

Elliot Polach
Would it be advantageous for my partner and I to get two cards under just one of our names then playing them both at the same time? If it matters, I prefer $1 machines while he prefers $0.01 machines. I know the house advantage is higher on the ones he plsys but since we split our bankroll and both play $500 each during our visit wouldn't that look more like we played $1,000 in one day as opposed to $500 separately?
Коментарий от: Elliot Polach

Gordon Nishino
Excellent video, as usual. I’m thinking explaining Boyd’s BConected comp system, would require its own video, as far as video poker is concerned. Or is it even possible to explain?
Коментарий от: Gordon Nishino

Todd D.
Good info guys! Thanks
Коментарий от: Todd D.

My question: Will the Casinos ask a person to stop playing games like Roulette, Craps...if you are a high better and a high winner, and you are not playing/counting cards/varying bets at Blackjack? We are assuming you have normal human behavior and no alcohol/drug problems.
Коментарий от: SanFranciscoBay

Peace Mon!
I Finally Won A Handpay On A Slot Machine, (Took Me 4years To Get A Handpay) @ $3.00 A Spin..I Won $2,200.. Boy I Thought That Machine Was A Lose Machine.. Went Back To The Same Machine @ The Same Time & Put In The Same Amount A Week After, Almost Lost Half Of It, Due To The Players Card.. Like You Guys Said The Card Knows How Much You Won Or Lost.. I Guess They Want You To Come Back Thinking You Can Win Again... Man! I Thought Wrong..Lol!
Коментарий от: Peace Mon!

Lalo Eastside
Hey guys. Awesome video. I had a question. If your an AP, and you play rated at some casinos for comps using a players card, but you still use AP play and have a meager year to date win (Lets say hypothetically you have 300 hours play between several Total Rewards casinos, and you have a year to date win of over maybe $5000); are they gonna look twice at that and say "maybe we should check his play next time he sits down"? Or is that number too small to even care about, and will still gonna comp you based on 300 hours of theo, regardless of the win size? When WOULD that win size start to draw attention?
Коментарий от: Lalo Eastside

Hasan Khan
One time I was playing craps and winning at Caesars palace. When I colored up they have me a $1000 chip and when I went to the cage the lady did something in the computer with my id and said it was because I had the $1000 chip.

Another time I wasn’t doing well and they gave me 10 $100 chips back instead.

What is the meaning of this? I don’t think I was offered any comps either time.

Коментарий от: Hasan Khan

Hi guys. As a Craps player it is very inconsistent how they “rate” for Craps players.
Коментарий от: Astrosjer

Should an advantage player, that is an expert level Video Poker player and card counter, sign up for comps?
Коментарий от: mydogskips2

Sheldon Cooper
Casinos also use the players card to monitor the games for cheaters and advantage players. If your combined result is a few standard deviations better than the casinos average expected return, they can rewind the tape and scrutinize your play more closely.
Коментарий от: Sheldon Cooper

Bump Of Death
Not hear in Indian land they too k ask my comps away at ceder creek casino they got everyone money they're making a new one across the street but us the people don't get shit for comp if you use the card then we loose all the time cards . They sick of you asian you win ask time ask ask color people in tuliap wa
Коментарий от: Bump Of Death

The palms casino has been giving me free play for table games but it's a one time bet and it's usually $100 or $50 and they make you bet it all at once. Some casinos will give you promotional chips and pay you back in real chips when you win.
Коментарий от: Rawkstar

I love the American casino guide, It's very helpful for players on every level.
Коментарий от: Rawkstar

I lost 1,300 I got back 2.00 what bs
Коментарий от: steve

Would it be bad to ignore a free room comp? Or do the casinos want to see you using them?
Коментарий от: AceXprt

David Prodigy
Show me the money!
Коментарий от: David Prodigy