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Коментарии Poker strategy 6 max plo

Jonathan Castilla
Help! I need answers! Lol I got a trip coming up in January. Can you only do The match once or every year?
Коментарий от: Jonathan Castilla

Timmy Nguyen
If you already have a reservation. Can you still waive the resort fee after you match status? or you have to cancel and rebook the room?
Коментарий от: Timmy Nguyen

How many times can we match the Wyndham status per year?
Коментарий от: maddtekk

Soon the resort fees will be more expensive than the hookers on the strip
Коментарий от: MORTAL KOMBAT

J Hawk
My big question...Should I wait ill next year to do this? Will this still be a thing next year? Does anyone know?
Коментарий от: J Hawk

Kay Lou
Does anyone know if there's a way to pick up the Caesars Diamond card outside the U.S. like in Dubai or other locations? Macau would be nice but no Caesars
Коментарий от: Kay Lou

Jason Yoo
Do we have to book directly with Caesars or can it be from 2nd or 3rd parties to get the no resort fees?
Коментарий от: Jason Yoo

El Niño Darts and Slots
Paranormal is a great show too.
Коментарий от: El Niño Darts and Slots

Taste & Travel Curiously
Just signed up hilton 3 days ago, just got wyndham diamond, just requested ceasars, pretty fast haha thanks!!! Is atlantis one night only?> thanks
Коментарий от: Taste & Travel Curiously

Joey Morales
Actually got it by starting with Radisson gold
Коментарий от: Joey Morales

Nitro Racing
Also you forgot to mention you can only match to Diamond every other year.
Коментарий от: Nitro Racing

Carl Sincere
Hey Sebby, thanks a Million! I got approved for the AMEX Hilton Honors Ascend on Friday, the match with Wyndham went thru on Monday, and then the Caesars Diamond match on Wednesday. You're the best, keep up the Great work!
Коментарий от: Carl Sincere

Craig Steiger
I'm gold at Marriott... but the Wyndham match will get me Wyndham Gold or Diamond.... it really didn't say
Коментарий от: Craig Steiger

Kerrick Sasaki
I think the waived resort fees are the best for me! Then a comp room is truly free!
Коментарий от: Kerrick Sasaki

Daniel Bustos
3:10 aliens confirmed
Коментарий от: Daniel Bustos

Could you make intense video of status linking. You could name it the status ladder , chain linking perks, ultimate status buff, buffing status train, Infiniti buff, chase trifecta defier etc.

Feels like a video game buff how you explained it. So now I want to activate all these status at the same time.

Коментарий от: jcslaos

I needed that chart haha, NOW I KNOW
Коментарий от: jcslaos

Moses Perez
I only got matched to Platinum status from Marriott Gold. Doesn’t Gold go to Platinum at Wyndham and then Diamond at Caesar’s?
Коментарий от: Moses Perez

Circle The Globe Travel
You said anyone under 520 you reccomend...
What are you referring to?

Коментарий от: Circle The Globe Travel

Awesome tip! I'm a Vegas local so this will save me a lot!
Коментарий от: Middohio

Brandon Lee
What's with the light shining in the backround? Who and why are they shining a flashlight behind you? I don't see you wearing a watch that would reflect light, so what gives?
Коментарий от: Brandon Lee

Does anyone know if you have to book the room specifically through caesars or can you book the cheapest rate you can find then show your card once you check in to save on the resort fees?
Коментарий от: deejay0519

Drake Miller
Thanks for another great video. Enjoy Vegas!
Коментарий от: Drake Miller

Benjamin U
you forgot about the $100 welcome meals. Prob best perk.
Коментарий от: Benjamin U

Dominik Es
That's for the tip. Now I'll have Hilton, Marriott, ihg, and Ceasars status
Коментарий от: Dominik Es

An Tran
I just realized about status matching and requested last night 02/06, anyone know if I will get a chance to get Diamond status for Caesars Rewards by this coming Saturday 02/09? I have a Vegas trip coming up :\
Коментарий от: An Tran

Ivan C.
You didn't say it's Sebastian from Ask Sebby
Коментарий от: Ivan C.

Armen Khacheryan
Diamond lounges are the best
Коментарий от: Armen Khacheryan

Dj Phox
So I have the AMEX Platinum card and I have the Cesars Total Reward Platinum status...how can I get the Total Rewards Diamond Status? And should worry about getting the Wyndham Diamond status?
Коментарий от: Dj Phox

Michael Li
I just got a new citi bank double cash card. this one says world elite on it. what does that mean??? is there any beneifts added?
Коментарий от: Michael Li

Just like Dubai, I believe the free Atlantis trip has changed to where you must earn the status by points to qualify, not just match. But still, living in Vegas, I can finally have free parking on the strip again (so mad when they took it away for locals) and show tickets are nice.
Коментарий от: Edorel

Mr Chisel
@asksebby I live in Vegas so thanks for the tip! Did you see the question about the free nights in Dubai?
Коментарий от: Mr Chisel

Lok Chan
@ Ask Sebby - I also got matched to Diamond and are interested in the Dubai Resort but after looking at the details, I'm not sure if we are eligible for the benefit. Please let us know if you are able to book 2 free nights Dubai Resort with your Diamond status. Thanks. (13 - Benefit only valid for earned Tier Status (Diamond members earning at least 15,000 Tier Credits previous or current year and Seven Stars members earning at least 150,000 Tier Credits previous or current year); members with gifted or matched Tier Status do not qualify until the earn the necessary Tier Credit criteria. Diamond members qualify to book at Caesars Resort Dubai and Seven Stars members qualify to book at Caesars Palace Dubai. Members can book ONE Dubai benefit stay per benefit year (February 1 - January 31, annually). Airfare and other expenses not included. Additional restrictions apply. )
Коментарий от: Lok Chan

James Simpson
What the heck is player 2? Is this a video game?
Коментарий от: James Simpson

isaac ng
Is there a limit as to how many times you can match to wyndham diamond or caesars diamond?
Коментарий от: isaac ng

tony yu
yup save that $150 in resort fees for one bluff at the poker table !!!!
Коментарий от: tony yu

Huan Li
Upon checking small print, it says 2 free nights at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai is Benefit only valid for earned Tier Status
Коментарий от: Huan Li

Adam Smith
Just curious, what does he do for a living?
Коментарий от: Adam Smith

You can take this a step further and then match your diamond card to MGM Gold. Then can match this to Hyatt. That was my goal of Diamond status. Much prefer the MGM Properties, but don’t mind the free Atlantis trip!
Коментарий от: jsphd10

David Houston
I'm a Wyndham diamond status member. I believe I get that matched? 🤔🤷🏿‍♂️
Коментарий от: David Houston