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Travel Interesante
If you have questions or comments on how to properly status match in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, we'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!
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Santos Chronicles
We love Vegas. We are planning on going back this June. My wife and I go there at least once a year. These are such great tips. You guys are pros and Awesome hacks. Those are such great perks. Such helpful tips. thanks for sharing.
Коментарий от: Santos Chronicles

Evrim Çin'den Bildiriyor
I had no idea that I could do that! That’s awesome, thank you guys
Коментарий от: Evrim Çin'den Bildiriyor

Christian Gonzalez
Can you do the Atlantic City and Las Vegas status match every year? And get all the benefits again?
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Food and Footprints- Greg and Jumi
Some helpful tips here, guys! Definitely great for people who love hitting up AC and Vegas
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Nick and Helmi
Ah yes credit card link to hotels 👍😀, i always love how it auto elevates your tier status.
Коментарий от: Nick and Helmi

Thats some nice tricks! 🙌🏽
Коментарий от: NEEA SANNA

Senyumane rika gawe mangkel
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Ceren Baykal
Nice upload. Thank you for these useful tips. I wish you a great weekend :)
Коментарий от: Ceren Baykal

Bir Avrupa Macerası
Thank you for the information. All tricks are noted :)
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Kınalı Eller Örgü Evi
Коментарий от: Kınalı Eller Örgü Evi

nice upload friend,new friend here
Коментарий от: tsikot39

One World With Love
Thanks for your explanations! 👍🏼 We should watch one more time before coming to Las Vegas or Atlantic City :)
Коментарий от: One World With Love

Özlem & ÖZNUR
güzel bir paylaşım olmuş
Коментарий от: Özlem & ÖZNUR

SBGS info & Lifestyle
Nice lovely presentation.
Коментарий от: SBGS info & Lifestyle

Senems Melbourne Diary
Oh wow I had no idea! :)
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Merve ile Melih
great advices🙏🏻 thanks you to both 😊
Коментарий от: Merve ile Melih

Çok Okuyan Çok Gezen
Great advices, thanks for sharing tips!
Коментарий от: Çok Okuyan Çok Gezen

Nice tricks :) Thanks for sharing :)
Коментарий от: Elgezenleryolda

Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel
I'm trying to round up some friends for a girls trip to Vegas - I need a vacation and stat - so these tips are awesome. Hopefully they work for us! We could use some perks and freebies! New fan here - thanks for the advice! I'm a travel channel too, so please feel free to stop by and say hi anytime (hopefully soon there will be some Vegas videos! I wish! LOL)
Коментарий от: Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel

Elif Ertem
Thanks bro
Коментарий от: Elif Ertem

Kendini Rüzgara Bırak
Wohooo look at you giving great advices! 😇 Thanks for the info! 🙏🏻
Коментарий от: Kendini Rüzgara Bırak

Коментарий от: Nofear

Passive Income Tom
This was really interesting to know. I have a Hilton card and try to use it as often as I can. Thanks for sharing this one! 👍
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Seyahat Hikayeleri
That was so informative guys, thank you<3
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Ryan Giffin
Credit Card 💳 churning at its fining 😎. Some people will never understand the perks of credit cards
Коментарий от: Ryan Giffin

The Travelling Hobitt
This is quite interesting to know. Are they also valid in the UK? Really good ideas running through my mind now! 😊👍🏼
Коментарий от: The Travelling Hobitt

Aloha Dünya!
This is very useful video and we really love Steve's diction 😍
Коментарий от: Aloha Dünya!

Thanks for your very useful information bro 😄🤙
Коментарий от: JumBOX TV

Jani ve Oshiwa
Always good to see ur videos dont know why
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