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kelley vanscyoc
LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS! YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME SO MUCH!! I need a tutorial on a mosquito in Amber resin oval for the end of a staff as in Jurassic park
Коментарий от: kelley vanscyoc

lakshmi pasumarthi
where can i get all these materials in India
Коментарий от: lakshmi pasumarthi

jesse james
how did the final green coat get a x in the center?
Коментарий от: jesse james

Sara Granje

Коментарий от: Sara Granje

Lnta Zeqo
really impressive, would love to try this someday
Коментарий от: Lnta Zeqo

pam carr
The things you do are amazing! My goodness, love you videos!
Thanks for sharing these, Pam

Коментарий от: pam carr

Bizzles mom
Love your videos
Коментарий от: Bizzles mom

Kidda the Kidda
am watching this again today the 1st september 2019 and am going to try it on my day off #excited
Коментарий от: Kidda the Kidda

Spiritual Texas
Amazing!! 💕🥰
Коментарий от: Spiritual Texas

Tara Martin
My grandpa would have loved this <3 <3
Коментарий от: Tara Martin

Molly A. Block
I see a little cross mark on the green part at the bottom; was that formed naturally by the pigment, or was it something else? Another amazing video, thank you!
Коментарий от: Molly A. Block

How do you add dry powders without clumping and bubbles?
Коментарий от: K P

Lisa Thomas
That is so pretty! I really enjoy watching you create!💕
Коментарий от: Lisa Thomas

Kaye Findley
Коментарий от: Kaye Findley

InspiredBy Gilly
Another excellent and informative video. Thanks for sharing.
Коментарий от: InspiredBy Gilly

Holly Hyde
I love your videos I watch before I go to bed and they are just calming and amazing!!! I look forward to watching them all in the future !
Коментарий от: Holly Hyde

This is my favorite!
Коментарий от: number1beastielover

John Racela II
I am curious how you hid the demarcation line between the 2 clear pours?
Коментарий от: John Racela II

Joesph Thibodaux
This was a great video, Very Talented
Коментарий от: Joesph Thibodaux

Night Owl Creations
I absolutely love your videos! Is your cutting mat attached to the table? I've never seen it move position.
Коментарий от: Night Owl Creations

Your videos are amazing. I always look forward to your postings.
Коментарий от: LizzyMarieTina

Connie Buchwald
Do you ever use any kind of release agent in your molds?
Коментарий от: Connie Buchwald

Коментарий от: 豚の翁

Dr. Plane Crash
Коментарий от: Dr. Plane Crash

Ina Goodwin
Коментарий от: Ina Goodwin

Buster West
NIce paperweight, PS my message/bottle turned out cool so will give this a go...:)
Коментарий от: Buster West

Reinwald Fabienne
J'adore en plus 007... la totale 👍
Коментарий от: Reinwald Fabienne

Jorge A
What type of resin do you use
Коментарий от: Jorge A

Willie Pirie
Very cool
Коментарий от: Willie Pirie

Art CNR Claudio Rodriguez
quedo barbaro
Коментарий от: Art CNR Claudio Rodriguez

NothingTo DoCrew
Well done!
Коментарий от: NothingTo DoCrew

Kidda the Kidda
I simply cannot stop watching this......lol
Коментарий от: Kidda the Kidda

Kidda the Kidda
I have just bought some clear casting resin I was just wondering is it safe to keep it under my cupboard in the kitchen and when I bought the bottle before I open it I can smell a really strong smell is it ok should I be worred about the smell its in a black bin bag now or should I store it outside in a cupboard
Коментарий от: Kidda the Kidda

Sleightly Perfection
Great tutorial! Just one question.. do you have the 100,000 dollar chips? if so, where can i get them? thanks!
Коментарий от: Sleightly Perfection

Kidda the Kidda
all I can say is wow that is brilliant
Коментарий от: Kidda the Kidda