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The Credit Shifu
UPDATE: Status matching Hilton Gold to National Executive Elite DID work! So I am now the highest level in the club, thanks to Hilton and Amex.
Коментарий от: The Credit Shifu

Bonkers About Alice
Do you think I could use my gold Amex or IHG platinum to get British Airways Silver status.
Коментарий от: Bonkers About Alice

My man you need a haircut
Коментарий от: Aviantei

Shane Burnett
Any update? Did it work?
Коментарий от: Shane Burnett

R Wilks
Just reporting in, so far so good! Matched my IHG Platinum to National Exe to Hertz Presidents Circle...now just waiting to see if my Presidents Circle will be matched to Enterprise Plus Platinum!
Коментарий от: R Wilks

你是不是老外看中國的 郝毅博??
能回答我一下嗎 感謝~

Коментарий от: 汁甜杏仁

danyal gurmani
Коментарий от: danyal gurmani

Mark Santucci
This is a waste of money what would you rather have 10,000 more dollars just an example or would you rather get 4 free nights, hotels, airlines then you have to spend more money this is a garbage site I wouldn't suggest this to anybody unless you live in Beverly Hills and you live in a Mansion ?
they just want to make money off of you . I wouldn't do this. But I would challenge them I want 30,000 miles for staying 1 night in a hotel in our area so for you people it would be your area and for me it would be my area. bet a black card they back down?

Коментарий от: Mark Santucci

Gym S
Very misleading title
Коментарий от: Gym S

I got Southwest A List matched to Alaska Airlines MVP :)
Коментарий от: crysmilo

Steve Shi
Note that between airlines, your existing status needs to come from flying and not a perk of credit card or another match. For example, if you have United Premier Silver from Marriott's Platinum Elite status, it is no good to match to another airline because they actually need to see your miles with United, not just the status.
Коментарий от: Steve Shi

Does anyone know if Chase stopped the point pooling between the freedom, freedom unlimited and CSR? I was starting to get the Chase cards, but I cant find any info regarding if they still do point pooling or not. Thanks for the help
Коментарий от: P47Fighter1

so calling delta would be better than using the website for a status match?
Коментарий от: johnsonbobbob

David Amex King Moss
Another great vid!!
Коментарий от: David Amex King Moss

King AJ
I like to apply American Express Gold card here anybody can send me Recommend
Коментарий от: King AJ

Anthony L
Mr. Credit- shifu has always provided very informative contents in his video. Please keep up the hard work!!
Коментарий от: Anthony L

Mr Chisel
@thecreditshifu why didn't you use the wife's Amex platinum for status with national car rental? That's right through the benefits on amex website 😉
Коментарий от: Mr Chisel

Alex R
Great video! I use this website. I status matched Hilton Diamond to National Executive Elite and then did a status match with National to Hertz and got Presidents Circle.
Коментарий от: Alex R

Don Ziolkowski
Your or the The Points Guy or someone should do a challenge where you get a single "free" status through a credit card like your Hilton Gold (or any other status) and try to get as many statuses with it as possible.I understand from an actually useful perspective it's meh. But it'd be interesting to see just how many perks you could get from a 100 dollar annual credit card and it ties in nicely with the kind of gaming the system theme. :P Even trying perhaps to for example to double dip. Getting gold free from hilton with your card but then using that to try to get a HIGHER tier from a worse hotel chain and then trying to use that higher tier to then go to mariot and get top tier and using that to ask Hilton to upgrade your Gold to the highest level.

It'd be amusing to see just how many ultra executive platinum status matches you could get based on having a single mid tier status with one good company. :P

Коментарий от: Don Ziolkowski

I just got Explorer status with Hyatt based on my MLife Gold status. Must do it before March 1, 2019, policy changes then.
Коментарий от: Ranger1589

Dan Dawson
Many thanks, never really understood the status match process. Thanks for demystifying this topic. The caveat here is quite often, your loyalty is with Brand X for a reason, so if another brand matched it outright that’s fine. But if they require a certain level of spend, that might be tough if Brand X is already meeting your needs and has given you status. The key here was the last item about National matching Hilton. Huh, truly intriguing! I am also H Gold and N Executive, so would love to get Executive Elite.

It’s indeed harder with airlines. Aside from immediate perks like no cost for selecting a seat or 1st bag is free, the multiplier for future miles seems a bit unfair. It makes it that much harder for someone without it to attain status in the first place.

Good luck on your request with National, wish me the same.

Коментарий от: Dan Dawson

Craig Patrick
As always ... great content and insight into the credit card loyalty program world. Keep up the good work!
Коментарий от: Craig Patrick

how am i not first
Коментарий от: node

Does this work in the uk
Коментарий от: simplymodz

Коментарий от: BLKHAMTV

Alf Staal
Always great videos
Коментарий от: Alf Staal