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Коментарий от: youmothersquatcher

Allison Davis
Love that you show us a lot of new games!
Коментарий от: Allison Davis

Those look like fun games :)
I love your commantary while playing the games...
It sounds like what I say when I play the games...

Коментарий от: breakmydreams

Deniz Akdeniz
I come as a tourist and I play games :)
Коментарий от: Deniz Akdeniz

robin traina
your funny
Коментарий от: robin traina

You crack me up!
Коментарий от: DARK HORSE

Cathy Olson
So what is that old man doing in there ..in the spins??
Коментарий от: Cathy Olson

Not impressed with the new games.
Коментарий от: jocko

Aneshka Soares
Коментарий от: Aneshka Soares

I won $980 before 😏
Коментарий от: MR KILLER YT

Gwyn Harris
my public comment is hot slots they don't let you transfer none of your your data I was up way up there and katrillion of money and I got it all in my device into my SD card they go into there and start deleting it all out I called him rolling around in there today when I was trying to pull everything out that's what they do and it shows it in there by the out developer and the game is a good game to play they just they steal

Коментарий от: Gwyn Harris

Salve brasil

VegasLowRoller - You make me laugh..the things you say, are the things that actually go through my head when Im gambling. lol Youre my fav YouTube slot player!! Whoohoo!!
Коментарий от: DARK HORSE

Love your comments! but two things. sometimes I do not know which game you are playing and it there a way to sort the videos by date?
Коментарий от: Ogeeic

Alejandro Cerezo
Boom chaca laca....
Коментарий от: Alejandro Cerezo

Marie Myers
Love to Play Slots
Коментарий от: Marie Myers

lisa wilson
Great job😄
Коментарий от: lisa wilson

Connie Ramirez
Коментарий от: Connie Ramirez

Marcus Aurelius
Man nice wins!!
Коментарий от: Marcus Aurelius

What was the name of the last slot you played and how much were you betting?
Коментарий от: TBaby4561

Stephanie Soya
Please tell us what slots pay out most
Коментарий от: Stephanie Soya

Cheryl Perry
Love my slot games. Got many of my friends and family to play and we make it a one nite a wk with many of us as a big party. Everyone is happy about how we conduct our evening with food and drinks/frappes. We really hav alot of fun and also get the opportunty to hang together and enjoy the entire evening by this unique method of a fulfilled evening
Коментарий от: Cheryl Perry

Janica Moore
Bird poop wilds
.of course they stick!

Коментарий от: Janica Moore

Erica Morton
You should change ur name.... 😑
Коментарий от: Erica Morton

Love those videos you make, always alot of good fun watching. Thx
Коментарий от: NeurOdK

Florian Fantino
hello my friend
Коментарий от: Florian Fantino

Giggy 12
Great video! I loved watching you play the new lock it link and hope I can find it at one of my local casinos. 👍
Коментарий от: Giggy 12

Amber Dean
Love love love your channel! Your enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and I cannot wait for your next awesome video! Thank you for sharing.
Коментарий от: Amber Dean

I like to try those new games out. wtg
Коментарий от: Pleadship

Scott M
Lock it link was the best, the other new machines seem kinda tight.
Коментарий от: Scott M

Kitty Cat Slots
Nice bade, thanks for showing the new games. You are the best!!!🌟
Коментарий от: Kitty Cat Slots

Frugally retired
Love the locking link type games. Finally have one locally and I was able to play it for 3 hours on 50 cent bets and $15 of my free play. Had a blast! Love your channel.
Коментарий от: Frugally retired

Miss Liz- The One & Only
Some of the bonuses were just awful but it was nice to see the feature, glad that loteria lock it link was a bit nicer to you even though considering the bet some could had been higher yet still nice bonuses. I was hoping for something bigger on the diamonds lol, cause I had no clue what was going on. Thanks for sharing 😊
Коментарий от: Miss Liz- The One & Only

I like that "space invader " what casino is that game at ? but nice vid and congrats !
Коментарий от: SLOT IS

Are these new machines cutting down on their payout ratios but putting in new graphics to pretend they're paying alot? E.G. - "Crazy Big Win" for a lousy $39.00!.
Коментарий от: djargus

It sound like a good 😊 time plying on this collection of games. Congrats to you on the many wins. Mommy is binge watching today 😂 lol.


Коментарий от: mkr128

Judy Hathcoat
Thanks for keeping it clean and fun n happy. Great video!
Коментарий от: Judy Hathcoat

"Oh, they're sticky!"- Comments that sound weird out of context, but aren't.
Коментарий от: ConfusedPerspective

Crystal clear
How come the last few videos you haven't shared what you've started with and/or what you left with? Just curious has to the change, I think it helps add to the realness of the videos and we can relate better with the ups and downs!!!
Коментарий от: Crystal clear

Jim Freitag
I enjoyed the lightning links bonuses...the others meh
Коментарий от: Jim Freitag

J. B.
Коментарий от: J. B.

Jennifer Jahns
OMG, is this the future of our gaming opportunities? Minus LnL these look uninteresting and very pathetic. As always, thank you for sharing! Years ago when I started watching these videos I used them to help save me $$ and weed out game to steer clear from!
Коментарий от: Jennifer Jahns

Tim Marszalek
VLR your videos are always amazing thanks for sharing 😀
Коментарий от: Tim Marszalek

Win, lose or break even, it is always fun to watch you play on the slots!!!
Коментарий от: grambampa

Julia J
Congratulations Daniel, very fun videos, thanks a lot😊
Коментарий от: Julia J

Jeannette Arriaga
Hello love your videos !!!!! Love you Chakalaca lol ,, you are so sweet on your videos ,,,Jeannette
Коментарий от: Jeannette Arriaga

Dr. Nick's Slot Hits
Some of these games look really fun and the others not so much. I’m looking forward to trying that new Lock It Link. Great video, VLR!!!
Коментарий от: Dr. Nick's Slot Hits

Sherri Myers
Again you have made me laugh! Great video :) thank you!
Коментарий от: Sherri Myers

Linda S
Thanks for showing all those new games
Коментарий от: Linda S

The payouts on these new slots are horrible, and you are in Vegas , our machines in our four local casinos cost more to play and don't pay diddly squat .
Коментарий от: fullupper

Liliana Alvarez
nice video congrats
Коментарий от: Liliana Alvarez

Kathie Greene
Коментарий от: Kathie Greene

Gerry Intal
VLR, some of these new games are robbing you but you're an explorer. You always like trying something new.
Коментарий от: Gerry Intal

Don Warnick
All hail to the king not great wins but your voice and personality make up for it.
Коментарий от: Don Warnick

Love that new lock it link.
Коментарий от: lookfun78

Woof Olliesmydog
I love any game with sticky wilds:-)
Коментарий от: Woof Olliesmydog

Коментарий от: wlwal1

It was so funny how your voice got higher the more you won on lock it link. Haha nice wins!!
Коментарий от: AngelaRawr7

vegasgweno R
Great video, I was wondering if all these games were filmed at Southpoint? Thanks VLR.
Коментарий от: vegasgweno R

Jim Vetromila
Well Low Roller another one of your highly entertaining slot videos. You must drive the other players crazy, I know I do. I form a wake when I walk through the casino. Waahahahaha.
Коментарий от: Jim Vetromila

Love this channel it preps me for new games how they work etc..I just hit for $1280 on 9-25 with a .45 cent bet on Mayan Chief..whole screen full of treasure chest 😃🤑
Коментарий от: three8special

Claudia Day
Love seeing these new slots, VLR 👍👍👍
Коментарий от: Claudia Day

Claire Pierson
Well the last game was the most fun the new games I'm not really that fond of but thanks for sharing them anyway
Коментарий от: Claire Pierson

Sean Brooks
Good vid
Коментарий от: Sean Brooks

NG Slot
Thanks for sharing new slots game,they are looks like fun
Коментарий от: NG Slot

May Kouri
Love your videos 😍
Коментарий от: May Kouri

Mr Primo
Try out the inca sun machine please!
Коментарий от: Mr Primo

Thanx for showing some new slot machines VLR!!! What Casino did you playing Space Invaders & New Lock N link slot machine?
Коментарий от: curteyethecat700

Lady Di Slots
WTG VLR!!! PLEASE SUB to mew channel.
Коментарий от: Lady Di Slots

one very
glad to see that you are ok...I like the new lock and link
Коментарий от: one very

Enjoy watching your videos. Keep the videos coming! Maybe try some high limit every now and then? Doesn't have to be super high limit. Maybe some quarter or dollar machines :)

Good luck man

Коментарий от: Demogorgon02

Thanks for sharing, I love seeing the games in action, especially the bonuses, respin triggers etc.
Коментарий от: onejazzimom

Slot Traveler
Omg there is so much going on in here! Some of the IT games look really fun! However I don't understand the dragon or diamonds free feature games! Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to my Halloween trip to Vegas!!
Коментарий от: Slot Traveler

Jonathan Bush
Thanks for posting these new games; I love seeing them, but, for the most part, the wins are pretty "poopie." I'll stick to my ancient Aristocrats!
Коментарий от: Jonathan Bush

Almost spit my food out when you said “I didn’t get it on the back”...hahahah
Коментарий от: Stevenh1979

Dodge Man
NOt bad at all.....
Коментарий от: Dodge Man

Mr Nett
LOL....I didn't get it in the back!!!
Коментарий от: Mr Nett

Great Wins
Коментарий от: Darlene

Stoica Lucian
huge fan,keep up the good work
Коментарий от: Stoica Lucian