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Thank you for the video, but you need to fix your voice over levels. It goes up and down throughout the video. It's very annoying. But thanks for all your tips!
Коментарий от: michelleeditor

Badass Uchiha
is there ones I can Win Real Money with
Коментарий от: Badass Uchiha

Tony Hambright
I definitely agree! I started playing MyVEGAS when it started. I cannot even count how many free show and buffets I have been too. Good vids!
Коментарий от: Tony Hambright

Ruth Skywalker
i’m a local and had no idea this type of stuff existed, i just got into playing slots and video poker maybe a year or two ago. i’m real glad i found your channel though, i’m already playing My Vegas Slots and it’s REAL fun, i can sit and pass the time playing slots and earn real life rewards from doing it, this is amazing thanks again for uploading this video dude!
Коментарий от: Ruth Skywalker

MindCAD We Create Your Future Dreams
You should try this guys zepisguides. com Recently worked for me to add unlimited Chips.
Коментарий от: MindCAD We Create Your Future Dreams

Carlos Morales
The Caeser app is annoying as hell! So many mini games while you play another game.
Коментарий от: Carlos Morales

Carlos Morales
Wynn app got shitty now with its VIP program.
Коментарий от: Carlos Morales

Creole Flower
Great reviews but next time you should list the games in the description bar with timelines:)
Коментарий от: Creole Flower

DaY Day
Would you recommend both me an my boyfriend play when earnings points? Or just one of us?
Коментарий от: DaY Day

Phat Pat Fitness
Perfect timing on this video
Коментарий от: Phat Pat Fitness

Lakewood MTB kennedy
yooooooo so i just went on slick deals theres 150million my vegas voucher for free. just did it. its legit
Коментарий от: Lakewood MTB kennedy

Comp City is way better then many other games on your list... behind STN Casinos game come on... I have earned this years LVA book for free and already have enough for next years LVA book.. great video though and love your channel
Коментарий от: Pennys4Vegas

Clint Holder
Never knew about the 4 queen game thanks for the info . What comps can you earn on the game ? Keep up the good work Ace 👊🏻
Коментарий от: Clint Holder

Ivan Verkholiouk
Thank you for your video
Коментарий от: Ivan Verkholiouk

Gabe R
On myvegas games I only log in every 2 or 3 months and i get gold coins for free lol without even playing....from 87 grand of gold coins i went up to 1 million!! So I just play wynn app
Коментарий от: Gabe R

ryu hadooken
i would say that myvegas mobile took me out of the struggle lol thats were i got my first comp.
Коментарий от: ryu hadooken

The Facebook MyVegas is my absolute favorite. Unfortunately my computer went down a few years ago and my laptop needs updating for it to work correctly. I do miss it.
Коментарий от: Kimmie

Tim Humphers
* I came back one more time, to weigh your thoughts against mine. I would not normally post a 3rd comment, I only do so because I have watched all of your videos... This is the first I have watched that is finally monatized! Congrats! Remember to try to make all your submissions 10+ minutes to get some pocket change for all of your hard work!
Коментарий от: Tim Humphers

Donald Minus
Thank u!!!!
Коментарий от: Donald Minus

Tim Humphers
###On a side note, while on the monorail my wife and I met a beautiful woman of african american decent, as well as a canadian couple (trying to be pc here) we have a blended family. After a few minutes of talking and explaining they both gave me their phones and asked me to add you! I did and also subscribed them hit the bell icon and shared! Please read my prior comment before this one!
Коментарий от: Tim Humphers

Tim Humphers
#4 The Wynn slot app, may I butt in briefly during the podcast tomorrow? I would like to touch base and give a very brief description of redeeming myvegas rewards and the Wynn slot app. I do love...
Коментарий от: Tim Humphers

k staples randoms
Great vid ace, let's hope 2020 brings us better app or Wynn with other rewards
Коментарий от: k staples randoms

Jerri Phillips
All I can say is WOW! I thought My Konami was a complete waste of time. My son got on a streak with the Radiant Witch game. (SUCKED 4ME) He made several LP's and leveled up to like 600 right away. MV mobile, I thought, was semi-lame til I made 83K in Kong in <2hrs. I even got up to 1.9B, at one point!!!! My boys have had not near the luck I did. I was starting to think there was a glitch in the game. With phones and tablets now adays, I rarely haul out my brand new MacBook. I never had much luck at all on MV-FB. I haven't even used my 3.5B from Memorial Day weekend. I guess I better get on it!!! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS on ur 1K subscribers!!!! Thanks for mentioning me on FB. Gave me a hit of dopamine....lmao! I'm hoping to meet u and ur girl, personally, when we go back sometime b/t April and June 2020. If u guys have plans on going hit me up!
Коментарий от: Jerri Phillips

Maybe try support again? I'm about 3 or 4 sessions away from getting a free coupon book myself
Коментарий от: MrACECorp