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Коментарии No deposit free bingo

James Stoddah
Buy shares in the Casino companies. Take your dividends and play away for free!
Коментарий от: James Stoddah

Chris Anthony
All I smell is desperation.
Коментарий от: Chris Anthony

Mr Right
Counting cards is not cheating.
Коментарий от: Mr Right

Telaya Jackson 2.0
I'm misanthropic so.....

I don't like parties, don't smoke nor drink. More hate, more apathetic I become.

You're welcome, trolls (bitches).

News flash: I was once bullied here, but then deleted my comment.

Коментарий от: Telaya Jackson 2.0

스포$츠 시대는 끝났다 0세대 업다§운의 시대가 열렸습니다 ooxx007. com
Коментарий от: 문상구

they cant watch everyone at the same time
Коментарий от: BIT COIN

Denim Lether
They pump the AC in the winter. You're still cold when trying to gamble.

Video poker often gives you a hand that's one card away from a flush or straight, to make you think it's going to start paying. But good luck ever getting that one card you need.

The casinos have a different term to what random means for the slots.

Коментарий от: Denim Lether

Joseph Heffle
Oh great piss yourself 😂
Коментарий от: Joseph Heffle

“They are pumping in specific scents.... The Mirage has a Polynesian scent.”
Umm... I smell cigarette smoke.

Коментарий от: raceface_m

sick of liberals
Ask yourself one thing, how can casinos afford such large expensive buildings? Your money that's how
Коментарий от: sick of liberals

JackPot/JackPot/JackPot…..RePeat This Over 1000 Times A day And Night
Коментарий от: Mr,Casino

I Am Happy And I Am SSSO00OO0 Satisfied And Lucky That I Have FOUND A Video On Youtube And It Is Called TychoKinesis=Manipulation Probability.And I THINK I Can Use This Ability And It Is Called TychoKinesis On Gambling Slots Machines Video Games Hahahaha....And I DON'T Have To Be That Lucky To Win Hahahaha.....
Коментарий от: Mr,Casino

Oh, Ying Yang, opposites in harmony show me the secret to win at a casino and not look like the divine celestial misguided, temporary Ludecrocity aside. Double the risk and get three free spins, calling the winners now, you may be todays, 7X jackpot spin winner. Sounds good Eh, but, Why does walking out of a casino and not risking wage against an algorithm, not considered winning? Makes me sound like an absolute bore, but, intelligent idiot educated by Spock, but, at least i had a reasonable point. Oi, I am not green-blooded with a point on me eres!! I'm not blind!, at least....hehehe, yet🍺. Nope all typical here.
Коментарий от: Azure-Australis

Moebius Bedroon
as far as #1 goes casinos smell like a$$ everywhere
Коментарий от: Moebius Bedroon

70 Bama
In Biloxi Mississippi there used to be bustling businesses up and down the beach road . You could parasail , jet ski , eat a nice lunch looking out over the water etc . etc . . So many nice simple things to do but not now with all the casinos up and down the beach . The whole economy changed in Biloxi . All the weak gamblers lost most everything in the first year mainly because of the closeness of the casinos to their home . Most gamblers now at Biloxi don't even live there . Casinos are illegal in Alabama so all the people who want to gamble go to Mississippi . Even the people who voted against the casinos in Alabama go to Mississippi to gamble . One of the worst things that you can do is put them in your own backyard . Do I gamble ? , yes I play slots just for anticipation excitement to forget about the problems of the world , but most people are likely to take it too far . The most important thing that you have to remember is they never loose so don't ever think that you are going to beat them at their own game . Just low roll and consider it a paid entertainment that you can possibly win a little . The general formula is they take in 90% and pay out 10% . Have fun and be reasonable .😎
Коментарий от: 70 Bama

memnok magee
Go to the launderette and play the coin changer you will break even every time
Коментарий от: memnok magee

M.I. C
The one in ny queens smell like weed
Коментарий от: M.I. C

Gloria Elena Ruiz
All casinoa smell like cigarettes
Коментарий от: Gloria Elena Ruiz

Shafik Entertainment
i like casino
Коментарий от: Shafik Entertainment

Danny The Slot Machine
Hi, cool video, I subscribe to your channel, hope you subscribe to mine
Коментарий от: Danny The Slot Machine

First people of Turtle island
Hotels smell like smoked out ass
Коментарий от: First people of Turtle island

Kyle D
Craps is the only game I'll play
Коментарий от: Kyle D

Gwen Green
Young and restless
Коментарий от: Gwen Green

Mental Amusement Park
I was in the horse shoe casino in Indiana playing slot machines. After I was done I got up and walked away. I just so happen to turn around and started walking back and passed the row the machine I was playing. There was
a casino floor advisor looking at the machine and talking to someone on a hidden mic underneath the flap on his coat. So since I saw that I figured out one more reason to stay away.

Коментарий от: Mental Amusement Park

conan Smith
So you think you are going to win? When you first walk in, the signs says, “for entertainment purposes only”.
Коментарий от: conan Smith

Mukesh Makwana
Shit hole casino never a winner table always win
Коментарий от: Mukesh Makwana

What an boring video... Ab c d e f
Коментарий от: vadefugl

Wtf, all casinos smell like cigarettes and cheap perfume.
Коментарий от: Stabsnipers

Naomi Abbay
You only smoke cigarettes, I doubt what u say is true
Коментарий от: Naomi Abbay

Willem DaFuckedUp
slots are more fun, but you're better off hitting the blackjack table, or the sports betting
Коментарий от: Willem DaFuckedUp

guy fawkes
What's the gold nugget in Las Vegas supposed to smell like? A 60-year-old chainsmoking cat lady ???
Коментарий от: guy fawkes

Geko Mente
Ive been playing 21 over the past 3 years and i can say ive won 47% of the time
Коментарий от: Geko Mente

Xenia Torres
It sounds like the casino itself is the one pulling more cheating tactics to get you to spend more than you normally would then there are chances of a person wining legally and illegally combined. Bottom line, the house always wins.
Коментарий от: Xenia Torres

Joseph Watson
Casino always wins, as most slots machines are fixed, rigged up in there flavour.. Dodgy
Коментарий от: Joseph Watson

Baba Yaga
If it’s totally possible then why are you on youtube uploading this worthless crap with ads that no one’s gonna watch? :)
Коментарий от: Baba Yaga

hmmm i am 2 mins into this vid and i have had 4 ads about 5 mins each so im out of time and will never see the rest of this vid...THANKS YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Коментарий от: lucktr8

Stephen Lee
If your watching this consider gamblers anonymous . Lol a joke , mostly . I have seen gambling take people’s lives and their kids life . One girl I knew , her parents would steel her money and mortgaged their house , and lost it . How do u go that far . I have won and lost thousands . But I can’t say I’m addicted
Коментарий от: Stephen Lee

Don't waste you time this is worthless
Коментарий от: Qusin111

For me only this works well ZEPISGUIDES. COM Added a lot of Chips to my account already.
Коментарий от: ABHA SINGH

Bountiful Grace By Julia
Casinos are downright evil!!!
Коментарий от: Bountiful Grace By Julia

Hilah Love
Loved this content check my content out I just made a casino video give me some feedback I want to be as good as you
Коментарий от: Hilah Love

Jojo NuYorican
I'm not here for poker there's nothing here about slots thanx for wasting my precious time
Коментарий от: Jojo NuYorican

Un Tipo Rebelde te Examina
I am your next winning card
Коментарий от: Un Tipo Rebelde te Examina

Un Tipo Rebelde te Examina
Коментарий от: Un Tipo Rebelde te Examina

Best way to win at a casino: determine how much you plan to spend, then leave part of it at home. Let's say you plan on taking 100.00 to the casino to play slots. Before you leave your home, tuck away 20.00 of the 100. and leave it behind. Now you are already a winner! Even if you lose the remaining 80.00 you know when leaving the casino that you are a winner because you didn't lose the entire 100.00 and you will feel much better than leaving the casino as a total loser.
Коментарий от: greenmonko99

Cyndi Brown
I'm rubbernecking at the slot machines because I'm trying to find the damned cocktail waitress.
Коментарий от: Cyndi Brown

David RIley
Коментарий от: David RIley

ronald chappell
even the automatic shuffler is controlled by the casino. and the dealer is coached on how to cut the deck in poker
Коментарий от: ronald chappell

Does anyone ever bet one penny on a penny machine? It would take a long time to lose a hundred dollars that way but eventually all you would lose is a hundred dollars and that's almost as good as winning.
Коментарий от: wisegeorge365

The biggest secret: Never enter a casino. Use your money to fund a small business instead. Have the winners mentality, casinos always win.
Коментарий от: BRO777

bernard brown
Casinos just prove the old adage "There's a sucker born every minute!"
Коментарий от: bernard brown

Daniel Vargas
I got an ad for san manuel casino
Коментарий от: Daniel Vargas

The el cortez smells amazing lol
Коментарий от: DiafideliasinVegas

Casino Bonus Victoria
Is it legal? )))
There ara some strategies that realy work - only math and volatility increasing, for properly gamble

Коментарий от: Casino Bonus Victoria

smol boi lemon seedling
The legends casino in yakama has a scent of cigarettes. Mmmmm
Коментарий от: smol boi lemon seedling

gonzo outthere
Was there one fact here you didn't already know, what a waste
Коментарий от: gonzo outthere

Isabel Trakjian
Коментарий от: Isabel Trakjian

Mike Goodolds
I forget, does Roulette pay 35 or 36 to 1 ?
Коментарий от: Mike Goodolds

Andrew Deneweth
Counting cards isnt cheating
Коментарий от: Andrew Deneweth

Manchurian Candidate
Let's say the casinos are Umbrella Corp and the people in it the test subjects.
Коментарий от: Manchurian Candidate

Dont go to the casino. Be the mofo casino.
Коментарий от: CRAZYCROAT

Jhon Shmit
Bloody Klick bite
Коментарий от: Jhon Shmit

Rat bastards turn the temperature up/warmer to get you annoyed and turn it down/cooler to keep you wide awake
Коментарий от: Voltaire

General Warsaw
Too many adds and you need to just give us the deets. This video was chockful of s much annoying filler
Коментарий от: General Warsaw

Jixxy Trix
'If you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table....you are the sucker'
-Mike McDermott

Коментарий от: Jixxy Trix

That is actually WONG in many ways you used what was done in the past. Not the present, 1995 Give me a break, are you that fucking retarded or what it is now 2018. And BTW I work on the Vegas strip. Wow you are fucking retarded.
Коментарий от: Tracer2376

John Harrop
What a lot of crap manipulate my arse
Коментарий от: John Harrop

New King
I want to know why casinos can legally rob people
But people can't legally rob casinos 💩

Коментарий от: New King

oliver blair
They want your money but they don't want to give you any. They are frauds.
Коментарий от: oliver blair

Kenny Fullmer
Do not lump card counting and cheating in the same point. Counting cards is not cheating! Can’t believe people still think this.
Коментарий от: Kenny Fullmer

Zealot Now Chosen
ALL digital programs can steal money every second. Anything digital can be taken away by one switch. When the slots appeared in every strip mall across the Nation back in the 90's Where every machine was being actually watched by humans during the testing in the public. The digital program was manipulated by the watchers, I ask watching a person HOW OFTEN does a Royal Flush comes up, THE NEXT HAND it did. Form that on I knew and you all should realize it is all another way the Government to steal money from People daily.
Коментарий от: Zealot Now Chosen

The only thing I smell when I go to Vegas, is other people. Some never ever take a bath.
Коментарий от: tundratomo

The Midnight Messenger
Your best bet is don't play!
Коментарий от: The Midnight Messenger

Shooter McGavin
60% of the time, it works every time!
Коментарий от: Shooter McGavin

Ann D
you win when other people lose.
Коментарий от: Ann D

nick nonya
I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, gamble, associate with criminals, or spend money on hoes.
Коментарий от: nick nonya

let me explain machs are all present to payout a certain % lets say its 95% so say on a 1$ machfor every 100,000 put in it will payout 95,000 just gotta be lucky
Коментарий от: MrRediron1

beth 9891
Love how the advert for this is a online casino game.....
Коментарий от: beth 9891

John O'brien
If you think you can beat a casino your dreaming these machines are fixed to rob you
Коментарий от: John O'brien

GAR mind DFKutulas
Always count your money while sitting at the table or you will have nothing to count when the dealings done. Know when to hold em. know youre loser when you fold em. Know when to walk away know when to pull out your gun.
Коментарий от: GAR mind DFKutulas

Joe Garcia
A secret that Casinos never want you to know is that they DO offer the Lamar Odom Experience package.
Коментарий от: Joe Garcia

Frank Albarran
Fragrance machines, I noticed that a bit that casino had a distinct aroma and the smell that makes you feel a little different.
Коментарий от: Frank Albarran

Jessie James
Is it even worth it now ?..
Коментарий от: Jessie James

Neb S


Коментарий от: Neb S

hanging with Linda
those scents are just chemicals ,, Iam allergic to all that crap,, if i enter a casino and i smell that crap, i just leave,, not worth me getting an allergic reaction and not be able to breathe,,, it just sucks,,,,,some casinos have stopped doing this,,
Коментарий от: hanging with Linda

Boring shit. Narrative arrogant video.
Коментарий от: Mao*is*Watching

What is the app I need to run on my phone to time the RNG o nthe slots for the chance of te better win pct?
Коментарий от: Piggy-218

Carmen Colon
Коментарий от: Carmen Colon

Dont play at a table that only plays 6:5 for blackjack. People will know your an idiot.
Коментарий от: walkabout29

Nazen 9K
If those games were made for you to win trust me everybody would be rich right now... I’m not saying that you have no chance to win.. All I want to say is: ,,Don’t waste your time and money!’’
Коментарий от: Nazen 9K

Danny J
all slot machines are capable of the big jackpot at any given time...All u have to do is pick the precise moment, to push the button, when the RNG is on the win....JACKPOT!!!! There is no such thing as a cold machine or hot machine....All luck!!!!
Коментарий от: Danny J

Want to beat the casino? Learn to trade stocks and trade casino stocks. That way, you can get monies from the stockmarket.
How much do you win at casinos if you get lucky? Say, $1,000. You can easily make $1,000 trading the stockmarket with less risk.

Коментарий от: MrMatipid

Jeff Sawicki
I wish they would shut every casino down and have that revenue going into other areas to help the overall economy.
Коментарий от: Jeff Sawicki

Casino Owners don’t gamble 🤨🤨
Коментарий от: wachamakolit1

Red Dead Redemption taught me how to play Blackjack.
Коментарий от: Sephiroth

Use Brilliant it is a app on phone XD
Коментарий от: MLDN R

JoeyWyss junior
"Counting Cards" is NOT cheating, even by Nevada law. The fact they can throw you out if they catch you doing it is because the Casinos bribed the politicians. Period.
Коментарий от: JoeyWyss junior

Thomas Le
I worked at a casino in California for 2 years in EVS (environmental services AKA Janitor department) and never, ever, heard of people urinating in their seats. EVS would have been the department to be called if this happened This might be a las vegas thing.
Коментарий от: Thomas Le

Guy Morrissette
From 2004 to 2017, i made a profit of about $55 000 playing slots, horse racing games and looking to make money anyway I could.
Коментарий от: Guy Morrissette

Mick Mcknight
So from no chance, people now have no chance multiplied by infinity. And, you're described as a cheat if you've a good memory! Why wasn't this said to us in school; once I believed people were honest! It's easy to know how casino owners make trillions from a total scam.
Коментарий от: Mick Mcknight